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Access over $1,997 in value with a Divot Society Private Membership. Whether you’re here to improve your golf game, build your brand, or inspire and connect with others, we provide the tools and community to help you succeed.

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Courses and Training To Help Your Game!

(Valued at $400/year) Master your game with our premier golf training programs, including:

  • Wedge Matrix Course (Yardage Book Download Included)
  • Savvy Setup Training Aid Series (With 20% of Code For Members)
  • How to Master Your Yardage (Yardage Book Download Included) Available June 20th, 2024
  • The Mental Side Of Golf: Master The Neutral Zone
  • How To Get Your Kids Into Golf (Available August 24)

Brand Owners, Businesses, and Creators

(Valued at $700/year)  Designed for entrepreneurs and creatives in the golf industry who want to increase their business success:

Courses & Training 

  • Factories Series: Finding Your Favorite Products & Where They Come From
  • Brand Manufactures: The Brands You Love & Where They Make Their S*#T
  • The Hunt: How To Find Manufactures For Your Next Big Project

Also Included 

  • Community & Network
  • Insights on Current Advertising & Content
  • Software that will increase sales and average order value.

Divot Society Brand Ambassador Program (Application Required)

(Valued at $500/year) Deepen your involvement within the golf community and grow your brand with us. 

  • Divot Society Commission: 25% plus bonus
  • Ambassador Bonus Program: From Free Golf Balls, Apparel, and Hats to Golf Clubs! 
  • Software & Apps to Build A Business
  • Creating Assets: How To Create Stunning Visuals For Your Golf Content 
  • Marketing: Pre-built Content You Can Use Today
  • Community and Networking

Engaging and Supportive Community 

(Valued at $400/year) Join a vibrant community of golf enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Collaborate with other brands and owners and hear directly from those who buy your products. 

Member-Only Benefits 

(Valued at $200/year) Enjoy exclusive perks, including a 25% discount on all Divot Society products, special promotions, and early access to new launches. (Subject to terms and conditions)

The Results You Can Expect

Here at Divot Society, we're not just about playing golf but about transforming it into a significant part of your life and career. Our community, courses, and memberships aren't just special; they're game-changers. We're all about creating impact—both on and off the course.

As a member of the Divot Society, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Elevate Your Game: Learn from seasoned players and professionals. Our tips and tricks are fundamentally focused and technically sound, helping you refine your golf approach both physically and mentally.

  • Build Valuable Connections: It's not just about the game; it's about the people you meet. Connect with fellow golf enthusiasts, share experiences, and potentially find collaborators for your golf brand.

  • Amplify Your Brand: Boost your golf brand or expand your social media presence with insights and tools from experts who have navigated the path before you.

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